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Ep024 - 3 Things Child-Led Play Taught Me about Business (Juliana Ong)

May 16, 2021 Season 1 Episode 24
Unbox Your Personality
Ep024 - 3 Things Child-Led Play Taught Me about Business (Juliana Ong)
Show Notes

If you are a parent running a business with kids running around at your feet, and are wondering "How in the world can I get anything productive done around here when I have to tend to these mini- mes who are constantly vying for my attention???" 

Then Play Parenting Coach, Juliana Ong, could teach you a trick or two of how to coach your kids and give you the space to be both an amazing business owner AND an amazing parent. 

And it's actually much simpler than you might think. 

That's right I said COACH your kids.... 
Coaching is the art of guiding others to be independent thinkers, doers, and feelers.  

And isn't that our job as parents??? Other than making sure they survive?  
We want them to do more than survive…. We want them to thrive! 

In today's episode, I drew many connections to what Jules was saying and how, when your business or organization is kind of like your "baby," how we can coddle it or allow it to stir up more anxiety than necessary. 

So I share at the end the 3 lessons I learned from Jules that every Leader and Business owner should know.

Even if you're not a parent, you'll appreciate the wisdom I found here!

About Jules:

Jules is a preschool teacher turned homeschooling mum to 3 girls under 5, a play parenting coach and founder of Stories of Play. Through her online courses and membership The Authentic Learning Experience, she helps parents tap into the magic of child-led play and child-led learning. And as their children learn effortlessly through play, they are able to parent with more joy and less overwhelm. Playful childhood, abundant parenthood :)

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