Unbox Your Personality

Ep035 - Personality Wellness & the Enneagram

August 15, 2021 Jen P Higgins Season 1 Episode 35
Unbox Your Personality
Ep035 - Personality Wellness & the Enneagram
Show Notes

You're getting a treat today!  
Especially if you are new or just beginning to chase your Enneagram Curiosity and really understand what Personality Wellness is.

This episode is for you if you really want to USE the Enneagram as a Personal Development tool. You have that curiousness and wonderment and the desire to learn it to make improvements in your personal and professional life, give yourself the peace and freedom you long for so you can empower others to do the same.

If you're new to the Enneagram, I recommend that you learn the 9AL first because you will see quicker wins in your life.  
The Enneagram is the Bigger more robust GPS for your Personal growth, but it is a longer journey than what many of us have the attention span for.  

So today I decided to publish an excerpt of one of the 9 Acknowledgement Languages classes I taught to give you a bigger picture of why this is such an important concept. 
Basically a pre-cursor to the Enneagram that will make your Enneagram journey easier to understand and quicker to integrate into your life.

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