Unbox Your Personality

S3E8 - Making More by Working Less (James Wedmore)

May 29, 2022 Jen P Higgins Season 3 Episode 8
Unbox Your Personality
S3E8 - Making More by Working Less (James Wedmore)
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This is a special episode with special guest James Wedmore. EEEK!
James is my business coach and he is the inspiration behind my work smarter, not harder philosophy  when I sit down with you to help you create your Signature Offer for your own personality style.
I've been working with him since July of 2020 and appreciate all the processes and the support that he has given me to transform my business into an online business. So when you and I sit down and create your business strategy, James is one of the biggest resources of mine.

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S3E8 - Making More by Working Less, Guest Host: James Wedmore
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