Unbox Your Personality

S4E5 - The 12 Driving Forces versus The Enneagram - What Makes Them Different? (Bite-sized Deep Dive, Part 2)

November 21, 2022 Jen P Higgins Season 4 Episode 5
Unbox Your Personality
S4E5 - The 12 Driving Forces versus The Enneagram - What Makes Them Different? (Bite-sized Deep Dive, Part 2)
Show Notes

Today, I talk more about how  12 Driving Forces and the Enneagram are different.

Remember in season three when I went through all of the different client profiles for each of the Enneagram types?   I talked about the surface motivations and the core motivations.

While both assessments focus on the motivations that are behind your behaviors, here's how they're different.

Take a listen to this brief episode.

Then go check out Season 3, Episodes 13-21 where I talk about each of the Enneagram Types and how to work with each of them.


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Myra believes that there is greatness in everyone, just waiting to be uncovered, developed and released to the world. Always curious, Myra has enjoyed success in many different careers in her lifetime, including eighteen years of forming, developing and leading an award-winning Real Estate team. It was the experience of guiding her team members to their highest potential that she discovered her passion for coaching. Dubbed the Midlife Mentor, she has found her calling helping women navigate through the Midlife Transition while avoiding the landmines that so often occur at this stage of life. In her free time, Myra loves on her Victorian home, her husband and two cats while sneaking in a good read, a great glass of wine and taking in life one moment at a time. 

Her favorite saying - "If someone else is in charge of writing your story, they will be writing it for themselves, not you."



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