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S4E18 - What My Human Design Assessment Results Validated About My Past (Part 2)

January 02, 2023 Jen P Higgins Season 4 Episode 18
Unbox Your Personality
S4E18 - What My Human Design Assessment Results Validated About My Past (Part 2)
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So this is the after party where Kristen and I talked about quantum healing, energy, science, our being both a Type 7 and more importantly, her interpretation of my Human Design assessment results.

All I did was give her my birthday, my birth time, and my location, and I'm so fascinated that the results were creepy accurate!

... And it's all based off of energy.

Take a listen.

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About Kristen Smith:

"Divine Channel & Perfectionism Coach"

Kristen Smith is the founder of Affirmations & Innovations LLC, a holistic  wellness & learning business on a mission to guide resilient women to trust themselves. Kristen uses modalities of Quantum Energywork, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Human Design to provide insight into the ways women can be empowered through their identities to find balance and rejuvenation in their lives for deep healing. Kristen teaches online courses and creates online spaces for clients to overcome the limits of perfectionism, the root of self distrust and empowerment, and unhelpful subconscious programming, the basis for internal wounds. You can find Kristen on Instagram @kristenthesage for on-the-spot reading & channeling LIVE or download her free scripting resource “Brave with Boundaries” to begin your empowerment journey with confidence.

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Instagram: @kristenthesage


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S4E18 Kristen Smith - Human Design After Party (EDITING)
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