Unbox Your Personality

Ep027 - Social Media Strategy for Your Personality (Jerry Potter)

June 05, 2021 Jen P Higgins Season 1 Episode 27
Unbox Your Personality
Ep027 - Social Media Strategy for Your Personality (Jerry Potter)
Show Notes

UPDATE: Workshop registration is currently closed,
but learn more about the Five Minute Social Academy here:

Your Social Media business strategy should be a reflection of your Personality to build Relationships and Awareness!

And it doesn't have to mean you have to POST ALL OF THE TIME!!

Say wut???

Some have no issue being "extra" on social media. lol 😜
And some aren't active at ALL and so we don't really get to know them that well...

That's me. Kinda on both ends. 🤦‍♀️

Before I brought my business online during the pandemic, I had actually fasted social media for over a year!

Imagine my surprise when I had returned to Social Media and it had changed soooo much. 

Not to mention all of the other platforms that I had zero experience with!

I tried for many months to figure it out on my own (or avoiding it is more accurate),
which had only gotten me more frustrated because everything CHANGES so frequently

Does that sound like you, too?

Thankfully, I finally met my secret weapon...

Social Media wizard, Jerry Potter (pun intended lol)!

He keeps me updated with the latest, and is ALWAYS focused on making sure I don't get off a call without a win.

One simple shift in my social media strategy resulted in almost $3000 for my business!

His expertise is too valuable for me to keep to myself!

And now I have a perfect opportunity to share him because he is offering a workshop called
Profitable Pages and Profiles to help you optimize your pages and profile on multiple platforms.

Here is the special link, if you're curious:

If you decide to join me at this link, I'm happy to send you a

FREE BONUS: Your Social Media Post Strategy, based on your Enneagram Style!


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