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Ep038 - Overcoming Triggers from a Difficult Childhood (Sioux Smith)

December 19, 2021 Jen P Higgins Season 1 Episode 38
Unbox Your Personality
Ep038 - Overcoming Triggers from a Difficult Childhood (Sioux Smith)
Show Notes

Sioux gets vulnerable as she shares her story about how she overcame negative labels of her childhood, and a near fatal accident that left her not knowing who she was anymore, both figuratively and literally, losing her identity. 

This episode is part 1 of 2 of my conversation with Sioux Smith, Author, Speaker, and Life Coach for Faith Walking Women. 

Not only is Sioux a mom of 10, she is also the adopted mom of countless others as she helps guide them in their spiritual walk of understanding who they are at their core.

Being New to the Enneagram, we took this opportunity to start the process of elimination for her. I help her explore the differences between types 8, 1, 3, and 2.

Again, this not an official typing session, but will be educational to you as you listen in.

I'm curious to know if you can tell which type she might be before the end of the episode.

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About Sioux:

Sioux Smith lives a life of joy! Reflecting the passion and wisdom of the Lord, she is an inspirational life coach and speaker gifted to motivate others to discover their true identities, unlock their Kingdom purpose and fulfill their unique God-given callings. She started Kingdom Living Coach.com to mentor and empower women in the United States and internationally to realize and embrace their giftings, talents, and abilities so they can realize their dreams and passionately pursue their divine purpose so they can boldly walk in God’s Kingdom.

Sioux is the author of numerous Bible studies and the devotional coloring books “Moments With Mama” and “Affirmations from Abba”, as well as the books “Declaring in the Kingdom: How to Make Biblical Declarations” and “The Kingdom Calendar: Understanding and Celebrating God’s Appointed Times.”

She and her husband of more than forty years live in Middle Tennessee and have ten children in whom they delight. In addition, she has “adopted” numerous others into her circle of family.

Website: KingdomLivingCoach.com
Free Facebook Group: Faith Walking Women
Facebook: CoachSioux Smith
Author S.D. Smith


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