Unbox Your Personality

S2E12 - Doing the Shadow Work (Dawn Pensack)

February 20, 2022 Season 2 Episode 12
Unbox Your Personality
S2E12 - Doing the Shadow Work (Dawn Pensack)
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Topics Include:

  • Behaviors and Motivations
  • Repercussions (and benefits) of Mistyping
  • Wholeness through Integration
  • Doing Shadow Work
  • Role of Unconscious Mind
  • Space Repetition

Dawn Pensack - Consciously Connected podcast


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First Reaction
Mistyping Awareness
Behaviors and Motivations
Behavior from the Motivation tie-in
Volunteering Motivation
Mistyping Fallout
Type 8 example
Type 7 - Results from CORE
Doing the Work for Your Type (Type 7)
Start In-Episode Discussion
Wholeness by Integration
End In-Episode Discussion
Type 8 Avoidance Example
Type 9 Avoidance Example
Balancing Behaviors
Check Yourself
The Mountain
Survival Tool First
Start In-Episode Discussion
End In-Episode Discussion
Role of Unconscious Mind
Space Repitition
Practice (Good Quotes here)
Post Party